Our job offers have been covered by Christopher Stanly at IBBR-CNR, and Giorgia Adamo in IBIM-CNR. Welcome to the VES4US family!

Giorgia grew up in Trapani a beautiful town located on the seaside of Sicily. She moved to Palermo University where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and her Master’s degree in Medicine Biotechnology. In 2014 she completed her PhD research at the lab of Biochemistry in Palermo, Italy. During which, she worked on nanotechnology applied to biological system. Giorgia further explored this field during her Postdoctoral research studies, focused on the development of a novel system for the controlled drug and gene delivery. Giorgia will be involved in the characterization of EVs from natural sources.

Christopher grew up in Coonoor a beautiful hill station located in the South of India. He moved to Loyola College in Chennai where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology. He also has as Master’s degree in Biotechnology. In 2013 he started his PhD research at the lab of mass spectrometry and proteomics in Naples, Italy, under the guidance of Dr. Gabriella Pocsfalvi. During which, he worked on “Advances in extracellular vesicles isolation methodologies for kidney surveillance. A pain free strategy”. Christopher will be involved in the development of new methods for the isolation of EVs from natural resources.