Antonella Bongiovanni  |  CNR-IBIM

Ph.D. staff career researcher

In VES4US, the passion, energy, knowledge and skills of motivated scientists from very diverse fields are brought together to achieve the ambitious goal of pave the way to exploit the potential of natural source-derived extracellular vesicles

Gabriella Pocsfalvi  |  CNR-IBBR

PhD, Senior staff scientist

Exciting innovations and development of new methods for the isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicle to tackle the challenges. Mass spectrometry is one of the key technologies that will move the field to the next stage

Mauro Manno  |  CNR-IBF

PhD, Researcher

VES4US biophysicists will exploit a basic science approach to address the fascinating world of extracellular vesicles and to give a boost to new biotechnological applications

annamaria ves4us

Annamaria Kisslinger  |   CNR-IEOS

PhD, Quality Supervisor and Communication Manager

The Ves4us Quality management system: an harmonized way of working  to obtain a fast and efficient integration of the different research groups for excellent results

Giovanna Liguori  |  CNR-IGB

PhD, Principal Investigator

Development of a research-based quality and data management system for transdisciplinary activities is our challenge in Ves4Us

Elia Di Schiavi | CNR – IBBR

PhD, Researcher

C.elegans team will contribute to Ves4Us success by testing the bioactivity of EVs in this extraordinary model system.

Nicolas Touzet  |  ITS

BSc, MSc, PhD, Principal Investigator and Lecturer

Our team will oversee the generation of raw EV-containing preparations to be further purified and bioengineered by our partners

Paolo Arosio  |  ETH Z

Assistant Professor for Biochemical Engineering

VES4US is a fantastic example of how advanced manufacturing can direct impact the well-being of the society

Aleš Iglic  |  UL

Ph.D., full professor

In VES4US, a theoretical physics can help to better understand the basic mechanisms determining the process of membrane vesiculation and the formation of extracellular vesicles

Veronika Kralj-Iglič  |  UL

Ph.D., full professor

In VES4US we study fragmentation and self-assembly of membrane-enclosed compartments, that is a basic, vitally important mechanism taking place.

Katharina Landfester  |  MPG

Prof. Dr., Director Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

VES4US is an adventure for combining different fields of biotechnology, nanoscience, and biomedicine

Laura Sesma|  ZABALA

PhD, Senior R&D Consultant, Project Manager

In VES4US, basic science and industrial worlds will work together to reach fruitful results in breakthrough emerging technologies for biotechnology, nanotechnology and bioscience.

Aránzazu Albístur |  ZABALA

Consultant in R+D+i management

VES4US is the result of the collaboration between research and industry that may be applicable in biotechnology, nanoscience, and biomedicine.


Carla Sala  |  ZABALA

Journalist, European Communication Manager

VES4US is a challenge that reunites professional scientists in the name of redescovering the potential natural source-derived extracellular vesicles

Susana Garayoa  |  ZABALA

European Communication projects Manager. Scientific Journalist.

VES4US will transform natural solutions in commercial ones, reaching the market with news products that make the difference, and contributing to the European innovation