VES4US will participate at the Socratic Symposium 2021 that will be held on Friday, December 11, 2020, online, and Socratic Lectures 2021 which will take place on Saturday, December 12, 2020. The symposium is organized by the University of Ljubljana.

The socratic symposium is dedicated to young researchers. Socratic Symposium will be devoted to high quality scientific results presented by junior scientists in the form of oral presentations and posters. This year’s themes (and the corresponding sections of the symposium) will be Emergent Environmental Polution Problems – organized by prof. Tjaša Griessler-Bulc and prof. Polonca Trebše, Membrane Biophysics – organized by prof. Aleš Iglič and Cellular Nanovesicles – organized by partners of VES4US.

The spirit of both events is joy of sharing the knowledge, with focus on youth and excellence in science. Socratic Symposium and Socratic Lectures will include a Poster section and publication of the Proceedings.

Socratic Lectures will be organized within the Centre of Life Learning of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana by prof. Veronika Kralj-Iglič and will feature excellence in science by Invited lectures. A special poster section will include contributions of undergraduate students.

Socratic Symposium Agenda

 On Thursday, Slovenian Extracellular Network is organizing a mini symposium in which also Gabriella is having a lecture.

Monday is the deadline for registration for this mini symposium. There is a workshop following.

On Friday morning, the lab is organizing Socratic symposium featuring junior scientists within 3 sections. In the one called Cellular nanovesicles it would be great to have contributions of Ves4us partners. I am still waiting for the titles and authors from some of the partners for lectures Friday morning.

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On Saturday afternoon they will have another event where the vesicles will be embedded in a broader context. The lectures starting in the afternoon at 4:00 will include themes linked to medicine. Socratic Lectures are devoted to undergraduate students of medicine who will have examination incorporated in the program of the Socratic lectures. They will have to answer the questions from themes presented by the lecturers. Everyone present is invited to help the students answer the questions that they will be able to pose during the lectures.

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