Future Tech Week will take place from the 21st to the 25th of September 2020 fully throughout online channels, and as last year, VES4US will be there participating. The event will also be part of the European Union’s research flagship event, European Research & Innovation Days.

Future Tech Week provides EIC Pathfinder FET projects with a platform from which to blast their findings, results, and future paths to innovation to a wide range of stakeholders. Registration period started on July 13th and people can apply to feature their creative contributions from across Europe.

About the Future Tech Week

The collaboration between Future Tech Week and European Research & Innovation Days (from the 22nd to the 24th of September) will provide EIC Pathfinder FET projects with increased opportunities for outreach.

The event is organized also in collaboration with the FETFX project, which helps discover the most inspiring stories about visionary scientific research on Future and Emerging Technologies and learn about their impact on our lives.

In 2019, the inaugural edition was a resounding success, attracting 85 participating projects. From a recorded lab tour, experiment, or prototype demonstration, to a webinar, narrated presentation, or news story, could be seen in the las edition. In addition to a dedicated website, and the return of the popular Future Board, the five-day event will be accompanied by an extensive social media campaign. Anyone can join by simply tweeting the hashtag #EICFTW.