Futuro Remoto is a real “Science Festival” starting from the joint initiative of the seven universities of the Campania region, the MIUR – Office, Regional School for Campania and Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza, strongly supported by local institutions, by all the main National Research Centers. The event represents a well-established and lively living platform of “social innovation”.

This event is focused on raising awareness of the new prospects opened by the latest results of scientific research, culture and technology involving: aerospace, agri-food, energy, green chemistry, Intelligent factory, systems for mobility, life sciences, living environments, smart communities, design and creativity made in Italy and cultural heritage.

Participating in the 32nd edition of Futuro Remoto has been a great opportunity to contact with other projects and network with them, giving the opportunity to spread the word of VES4US project and share ideas. The researchers of Institute for Endocrinology and Experimental Oncology “ G. Salvatore” IEOS of Naples, participated in this event showing an inspiring and educational experience related to life Sciences: demonstrations, videos, hands-on activities and interactive discussion. For more information, you can consult their personal webpage. http://www.cittadellascienza.it/futuroremoto/