The EIC-ERC organized a workshop about Gene and Cell Therapy. The event was held online the 29th of June from 14:00 to 18:00 CET; even though the event was closed to the public, VES4US was invited to represent emerging scientific trends under the EIC programme, this workdshop was also of interest to al the participants and the project researcher  due to the bio-nanotechnologies knoweldge received during the workshop. Our coordinator, Antonella Bongiovanni, was a speaker in the “Thematic parallel sessions” about New vectors (viral and non-viral) for gene therapy.

EUeic and ERC see and supported those striking cellular-derived technology that would  advance and expand the approach for developing novel delivery platform. This is going to help in the creation of a European novel cellular-derived nanotechnology ecosystem.



14:00 – 14:10: Welcome and Introduction

  • Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (President ad interim, ERC Scientific Council)
  • Mark Ferguson (Chair of the EIC Board)

14:10 – 14:50: Keynote speech

  • Luigi Naldini (SR-Tiget, San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy, Italy)

14:50 – 15:10: Plenary session: Current global Cell and Gene Therapy landscape and trends

  • Iordanis Arzimanoglou (Programme Manager EIC)

Break – 10 minutes

15:20 – Thematic parallel sessions

  1. Cell therapy, including stem cell therapy – Moderator: Margaret Buckingham (Institut Pasteur, France)
    • Giulio Cossu (University of Manchester, UK)
    • Michele De Luca (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)
    • Carl Figdor (Radboud University, The Netherlands)
    • Magdalena Götz (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany) Rogier Reijmers (Lumicks, The Netherlands)
    • Jérémie Laurent (Astraveus, France)
  1. Disease modelling including 3D-bioprinted organs/organoids and other Regenerative Medicine novel approaches – Moderator: Geneviève Almouzni (Institut Curie, France)
    • Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research, The Netherlands)
    • Prisca Liberali (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Switzerland)
    • Christine Mummery (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
    • Matthias Lütolf (EPFL, Switzerland)
    • Øyvind Halaas (Norwegian University Science Technology, Norway)
    • Francesca M. Spagnoli (Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, King’s College London, UK)
  1. New vectors (viral and non-viral) for gene therapy – Moderator: Marja Makarow (BioCenter, Finland)
    • Stein Aerts (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology – KU Leuven, Belgium)
    • Zsuzsanna Izsvák (Max Delbrück Centrum for Molecular Medicine, Germany)
    • Federico Mingozzi (Association GENETHON, France & Spark Therapeutics, US)
    • Seppo Ylä-Herttuala (University of Eastern Finland, Finland) Anna Pedrix Rosell (Sixfold Bioscience Ltd, The Imperial College White City Inc Innovation Hub, UK)
    • Antonella Bongiovanni (CNR – Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation in Palermo, Italy)
  1. Novel gene therapy approaches including RNA-based technologies – Moderator: NektariosTavernarakis (Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece)
  • Roman Jerala (National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia)
  • Thorsten Stafforst (University of Tübingen, Germany)
  • Molly Stevens (Imperial College London, UK)
  • Pieter Vader (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) Sven Panke (ETH, Switzerland)
  • Stéphane Boissel (Sparingvision, France)

Break – 10 minutes

17:00 – 18:00: Roundtable discussion on transition from research to innovation in Cell and Gene Therapy with – Moderator: Brady Huggett (Senior Editor of Nature Biotechnology)

    • Niccolo Bacchi (Novo Ventures, Denmark)
    • Alessandra Biffi (University of Padua, Italy & Harvard Stem Cell Institute, US)
    • Deniz Kirik (Lund University, Sweden)
    • Jo Bury (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology, Belgium)
    • Erik Gatenholm (Cellink, US, EU)
    • Irene Norstedt (European Commission)

18:00 – 18:05: Conclusions