Our colleague Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester, head of a Department in the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research has joint as the Editorial Board Chair for the Nanoscale Horizons Journal.

Nanoscale Horizons is a new journal that has grown in the last into the field of nanomaterial science a great thing for the future and strengthen the journal to have a possibility to make nanomaterials form any applications, open a new field in nanomaterials, breakthroughs nanoscale horizon.

She did not expect to be approached by the Journal last year. But she did not hesitate to take over and agreed. Katharina said: “Such a job always brings you together with many people you don’t know yet and lets you discuss important matters with these people and approach them in a way that you could not in a conference. This helps you meet and discuss with a lot of people, which is very important, to make the journal”.

Katharina will keep working in Max Planck Institute maintaining her position and obligations, and she will combine this job with the one in the journal. Her main objective in the journal is to sharp the journal in a way that its can grow and strengthen opportunities, “to show how strong Europe and the world is in the nanomaterial science is less of an everyday business but to assist and rely on the team in London” emphasises Katharina.

She finalises saying that she feels honoured that her job in research is appreciated and that “working in this journal we can see how to evolve the nanoscience, from a physical, chemical, and logical and engineering point of view”.